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Sell Guns Online to a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer in Coral Springs, Fl.

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We pay CASH to sell guns online as soon as the gun arrives in the condition listed on the submission form; either by direct deposit (same day) or cashiers check (next day air)

  • We can’t pay retail prices like you would probably get by listing and selling to an individual on
  • We do incur expenses to sell guns online such as shipping, holding onto the firearm until it sells, reconditioning and/or refurbishing, and finally reselling the firearm to make a profit.
  • We use the most recent volume of “The Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices 2011 Values Guide Firearms Reference”
  • We do pay more than ANY PAWN SHOP because of the volume of new and used firearms we purchase from customer that  sell guns online, we are willing and able to treat our customers fairly.


  • Quick Turnaround – GET PAID SAME DAY you sell guns online and we receive the gun at our store. (direct deposit) or (certified funds) next day.
  • Safer Community – don’t worry that the firearm you just sold will end up robbing you and your family a month later.
  • Safety – keeps felons from illegally purchasing firearms through private sale; Sell guns online to a dealer! We run a FDLE background check before every sale! ITS THE LAW!
  • No Risk. You don’t have to bring a gun to sell a gun; Meeting armed strangers could be dangerous! We won’t shoot you if you don’t like the price! Simply list it on our Classified section until it sells!

If you accept the quote and would like to sell us your firearm, the next step would be for us to send you instructions along with a prepaid 2nd day air FEDEX or UPS prepaid label. You would pack up your firearm (unloaded), include your information on the instruction sheet on your preferred payment method and details,  and ship the firearm directly to us. Once we receive the firearm in the condition listed on the submission form, we will remit payment directly to you.



Best Regards,
Matt Adika
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel:  (954) 805-3440
Fax: (954) 227-2877
Email: [email protected]

3 thoughts on “How It Works – Sell Guns Online”

  1. I’m looking to sell a Sig Sauer 1911 Scorpion. It’s NIB condition, bought on a whim and it’s become a safe queen. Looking to get an estimate.

    1. Well based on current market value and what I can purchase them for new. I can offer you $500. Remember I have to sit on the gun and wait for it to sell. These 1911s don’t sell like
      They used to. Although it’s new in the box, I still have to sell it as a used firearm.

  2. Now, it’s still a felony for any private seller to knowingly sell a gun to someone who likely couldn’t pass a background check because of their criminal record or history of mental illness. But this is a hard law to enforce 

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